European Crusade for the Family Reaches 4 More Cities

European Crusade for the Family Reaches 4 More Cities

Continuing its German tour in defense of the family, the TFP Student Action Europe caravan visited 4 more cities.

The first of these was Dusseldorf, an area known for its wealthy populace and shopping centres. All things considered, it should have been the least receptive place to a campaign, as its residents are more disposed to the pleasures of life than the social questions of the day. Surprisingly, the public – both locals and tourists – turned out to be quite engaged, both in favour and against.

Despite braving the hottest day of the caravan so far, the nearly 30 volunteers gladly stayed in the sun for hours distributing their fliers and shouting slogans. This joyful suffering in the service of Christ the King no doubt obtained special graces for them.

After completing the action in Dusseldorf, the next campaign took place in Kevelaer. This one, however, was unique in that it was not a mere physical campaign, but a spiritual one. In front of the miraculous image of Our Lady, Comforter of the Afflicted – Consolatrix Afflictorum,one of the most popular patronesses of German and Dutch Catholics – the volunteers prayed not just for personal graces, but also for an end to the moral sickness that today infects the West.

The next day, the caravan stopped in Duisburg, a city known for its industrial and seafaring history. When they arrived, they were shocked, as rainbow flags were draped all around the streets that they would be campaigning on. Evidently, this was due to one of a series of European-wide LGBT festivals taking place there the following day.

Rather than being discouraged by this, the TFP members actually managed to use it to their advantage, as could be seen in some of their exchanges with the public. In the words of one of the younger volunteers, “One man asked me what business I had in talking about this issue [gender theory] in Germany as a non-German. My answer was simple; if the LGBT movement is international, then the pro-family movement should also be international.”

Later that afternoon, the caravan took to the streets of Dortmund's commercial district. Fortunately for the TFP volunteers, the area was totally filled with people, allowing them to distribute hundreds of fliers in a short period of time. Overall, the campaigns were received very well.

Aside from a few sour individuals who expressed their displeasure by ripping up the leaflets and throwing them on the ground, the TFP members observed almost no real negative reactions.

With only a short time left on the caravan, the brave, young volunteers are more determined than ever to keep pushing forward.