Did Russia Really Convert as Our Lady of Fatima Requested?

Did Russia Really Convert as Our Lady of Fatima Requested?

Questions about Russia-Ukraine war answered in this in-depth interview:

00:00 -- Introduction
02:25 -- Why did Russia invade Ukraine?
11:29 -- Some people claim that Putin is a new Charlemagne who wants to restore Christendom. Is that true?
27:00 -- But we are told that Russia is pro-family: Therefore, Putin can't be as bad as leftist leaders in the West, right?
27:38 -- How does Russia treat the Catholic Church?
41:55 -- Our Lady of Fatima prophesied that the "errors of Russia" would spread. Are we witnessing the fulfilment of that prophecy? 49:25 -- What was your experience in Russia? Did you find high moral standards?
54:01 -- What is the solution to the present crisis?

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