Demonstrator against Abortion wet-nosed at University of Amsterdam

Demonstrator against Abortion wet-nosed at University of Amsterdam

Volunteers from TFP Student Action Europe campaign for the protection of unborn life at the University of Amsterdam. Among the crowds of students streaming by were certainly interested parties, but the average treatment was hostile. Abortion proponents began to argue shrilly, if they hadn't already immediately started cursing and insulting.


Because the volunteers were set for a discussion with logical reasoning and scientific arguments about the meaning and status of unborn children, they tried to ignore the wranglers in favor of those who, whether for or against abortion, were looking for more fruitful forms of exchange of ideas.


For it was possible to find students who did not go along with the rest. Indeed, one or two said that he himself challenges colleagues on moral issues such as abortion. But also that he regularly experiences being silenced because his opinions are labeled "harmful" and "controversial." So apparently "controversial" is also already a reason for "canceling.

Abortion: a sin crying out to heaven

The volunteers from TFP Student Action Europe were able to assure him that he is not alone, that there is a significant group of silent people, even in Amsterdam, who do not accept the sin of abortion. However, they do not have the courage or the ability to publicly proclaim and defend their position, because of the intolerant environment or for other reasons that effectively deny them freedom of speech.

"Amazed that young people are anti-abortion"

At the entrances of the University of Amsterdam, many students stood amazed that "someone our age is still talking about this subject." Many showed by posture and gestures that they were intent on making fun of and embarrassing the pro-lifers, making it clear that they took offence at the proclamation of Christian values in public spaces.

Furious feminist

A feminist walked away furious after she failed to win a discussion with the volunteers, which was followed by many curious onlookers. Afterwards, those approached and said, "That was very convincing. Give me one of those flyers, too!"

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Returning with bottle of water

A few minutes later, the feminist was back, this time armed with a bottle of water that she poured out over the young man who had defeated her in the abortion debate, shouting, "You are not welcome here! Go away, you are not f****** women!"

Targeting new generations

Of course, this opposition only fuels the persistence with which TFP Student Action Europe, along with other groups, will continue to campaign for the unborn children. As one of the volunteers notes, "Through our actions and public proclamation, we are anyway reaching new generations and piercing through the bubble of false consensus and political correctness that apparently still prevails in (higher) education."

Watch the video of our earlier street campaign in Amsterdam: