Child wittily answers Gender Questions: 'Transgender People are just Confused'

Children resist Transgenderism.

Child wittily answers Gender Questions: 'Transgender People are just Confused'


On Facebook, a mother shares her child's witty response to biased questions in a textbook. It is just one of many small protests against sexual indoctrination, which add up to a wave of resistance.

Children need to decode confusing gender Symbols

"Which persons above would you call transgender? Write down the numbers and explain your answer," schoolchildren in the Netherlands are asked. They have to interpret images of men and women with confusing gender symbols. One student clearly has no desire to decipher postmodern hieroglyphics and notes: "They are just the confused ones."

'Separate Toilet for People who are Confused'

Subsequently, the student answered question 11: "Nothing special, just going to the toilet. But for a transgender person, that can sometimes be difficult," the book continues. "How was this problem solved in Amsterdam?" The answer: "They made a separate toilet for people who are confused."

Social Media promotes Resistance to Gender Revolution

Countless examples like this are doing the rounds on Facebook and X. This is the power of social media: outside the censorship of the established media, which invariably applaud the gender revolution, parents and also children give their unvarnished opinions. And provide additional examples for resistance in their school 's propaganda in school books and School textbooks: from information to indoctrination.

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Gender Lobbyists complain of turning Tide

The circulation of the examples woke up parents and gave them courage to speak out against indoctrination. Gender lobbyist Rutgers, which develops sexual education literature, is now openly complaining in NPO programme Medialogica about the resistance created among parents.

Dutch TFP takes extra Action against Sexual Indoctrination

Parental resistance is fuelled by Gezin in Gevaar, a campaign of the Dutch TFP, says the NPO. We are keen to push it even further in the coming weeks, with a new article series on the completely inappropriate sexual content that Rutgers recommends in the Week of Spring Tickles.

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