Abortion kills Flanders one Generation at a Time!

Abortion kills Flanders one Generation at a Time!

Last Saturday TFP Student Action Europe defended the right to life in Leuven, Belgium. Throughout the morning, our volunteers addressed the stream of students and parents passing by.

The slogans and prayers echoed throughout the Leuven train station, giving many passers-by the opportunity to analyse the issue of abortion in a more objective way and not, as the mainstream media and liberal politicians usually present the issue, in a sentimental and one-sided way.

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"You are doing God's Work!"

At around 11am, as the flow from Leuven Central station began to intensify, the street campaign began with the singing of the Creed and the recitation of the rosary in reparation for the sin of abortion.

The public act of faith didn't go unnoticed, and several times students passed us by, pleased with our action and the instructional material we were handing out. "You're doing God's work!" said one young man with conviction. "We need this, I thank you for your efforts and I will pray for you." A student stopped briefly and asked if he hadn't also seen us in Ghent, when the abortion campaigners showed their true intolerant side by throwing eggs, making threats and shouting blasphemies.

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As well as expressions of support, there were also people who couldn't stand the fact that we were there. They don't want prayers in public places. They don't respect the right of free expression. They want God to have no place in society.

In addition to the insulting hand gestures and intolerance of religion, they also showed themselves to be typical rebellious students endowed by the mainstream left without really knowing the reason for their own "convictions".

After the mockery, volunteers from TFP Student Action Europe came to their defence. A debate took place where various topics were discussed. Proponents of abortion had a dogmatic faith in evolution, which could supposedly distort truth and morality and guide the masses like a "revelation" and form the basis of laws.

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The main reason is God's right

"Why do you, practically all white men, think you can determine such a thing about a woman?" The student who didn't hesitate to use swear words and hand gestures to insult us, now came to tell us that we don't have the right to speak. "There are several reasons why we are here. The main one is out of love for God and to defend His rights. God, the creator of all beings, has the right to be obeyed. In addition, we see it as our duty to defend the vulnerable and the unheard," replied one of the volunteers.

The abortion campaigner said that it was no longer possible to believe in the Bible. We shouldn't have the right to impose our religion on other people. "I wouldn't mind one bit if you believed it, but keep it to yourself. Stay in your room."

Pray and act to end the sin of abortion

During our public manifestation of our Catholic faith and our conviction of the sacred right to life, we have prayed the rosary, sung hymns and talked to people to point out the evil that is dominating society. More than ever, we must organise ourselves and act in defence of the perennial principles of Christian civilisation on our continent. With a burning desire for justice and asking for special graces, Flanders will not wither away, but will be forgiven and blessed.

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