Who we are

Who we are

The Crusade of the 21st Century, for the Restoration of Christendom

"And this is our goal, our great ideal. We walk towards the Catholic civilization that will be born out of the rubble of today's world, as the medieval civilization was born out of the rubble of the Roman world. We walk toward the conquest of this ideal, with the courage, the perseverance, the resolution to face and overcome all obstacles, with which the Crusaders marched to Jerusalem. For if our glorious predecessors were able to die to reconquer the sepulcher of Christ, how can we - sons of the Church like them - not want to fight and even die to restore something that is worth infinitely more than the most precious Sepulcher of the Savior, that is, His reign over the souls and societies that He created and saved to love Him eternally?" Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira - "Catholicism" Nº 1 - January 1951

Join us or support our efforts on the front lines.

We see that the contemporary world is gradually heading for chaos. There is a common denominator in the various modern problems, namely the destruction of Christianity.

The process by which this destruction takes place we call the Revolution, according to what is explained in the book Revolution and Counter-Revolution by Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira.

If you are interested and want to know more, write to us and find out how you can be part of this Crusade for Christian Civilization! https://tfpstudentactioneurope...

This Revolution is trying to destroy:

Western culture: in our country, for example, we see constant attacks on the national anthem, regional and national festivals, Black Pete, Christmas and Easter.

Western civilization: is more and more replaced by an atheistic and Islamic society, at the expense of our Christian heritage, our heroes and our achievements.

The family: we are witnessing a permanent attack on the basic cell of society. Gender ideology and the sexualization of children in schools are just a few examples. With the support of the government, the LGBT movement is putting more and more pressure on society, under the banner of "tolerance" and "equality" everyone must bow to their madness.

The right to private property: the green movement, which is in reality a moderately disguised socialism, invades all important institutions. Under the pretext of preserving the climate, it gives more and more power to the state, at the expense of the right to private property. We see lobbyists using the state as a means to serve their ends, which means that the citizen is allowed to carry the weight, to bring himself to his confinement.

With this, the old communist dream (or nightmare...) has returned: the collectivization of property to defend "rare species"... Who doesn't see that the policy of nitrogen and CO2 is moving in that direction?

That destruction once started in one day. At first it was a minority, but cunningly and determinedly they control the majority. Today they dominate most institutions and are not yet ready to destroy and replace Christian civilization and all that it represents.

If we are firm, decisive and strategic, it is possible to reverse this process little by little. However, this cannot be done without the Divine Grace of God.

This is us: those who want to do our part with all seriousness, using effective methods to open the eyes of important sectors of public opinion. Those who aim to destroy the Revolution and set up the Kingdom of Mary.

If you want to help, follow the TFP Student Action Course in which we train young men to become the leaders of the future who defend our civilization: https://tfpstudentactioneurope...

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