Victory in the Netherlands: Pim Lammers leaves Children's Book Week

Victory in the Netherlands: Pim Lammers leaves Children's Book Week

Pim Lammers withdraws from the Children's Book Week. The writer was discredited after it turned out that he wrote stories that glorify the sexual abuse of an underage boy by an adult football coach. After Gezin in Gevaar ("Family in Danger"), a campaing of the Dutch TFP, launched a petition, LGBT activist Lammers announced his retreat.

Pim Lammers

Lammers is a well-known propagandist of LGBT and pedophilia. He previously published the children's book "Het lammetje" that is a pig , which teaches children transgenderism. In 2023 he was allowed to write the poem of the Children's Book Week. Until website "" pointed to a pedophile story by Lammers, in which he glorifyingly writes about how an adult homosexual sexually abuses a 12-year-old boy.

Lammers blows the retreat

The pedophile story conveys an unambiguous and very dangerous message to children. Namely that it is normal and even nice if an adult touches you. This is a direct attack on the innocence and chastity of children. That is why the Gezin in Gevaar ("Family in Danger") campaign launched a petition. In a short time it was signed thousands of times. With result: Pim Lammers announced his retreat and will not write for Children's Book Week. RTL Nieuws, NOS, and Algemeen Dagblad, among others , mention the petition of Gezin in Gevaar.

Fanatical activist is only stopped by action

Lammers' withdrawal is a victory for the innocence of children. It is also proof that campaigning is necessary. Lammers is a fanatical LGBT activist. His children's books are intended to encourage children to accept all the sexual sins that God has forbidden. Only overt and persistent action keeps him from that goal.

Pedophilia on the rise

Action is all the more necessary as pedophilia is on the rise. The Gezin in Gevaar campaign closely follows the pedophilia case and sees a worrying increase. Pedophilia is increasingly condoned or even promoted in the public eye.

Intrinsic part of 'LGBT emancipation'

Pedophilia has been an intrinsic part of 'LGBT emancipation' from the very beginning. There is an ideological red line from PvdA Senator Edward Brongersma to (briefly) D66 Member of Parliament Sidney Smeets to LGBT writer Pim Lammers. All have been and are applauded by the secular-left media. Not despite , but because they praise sexual intercourse by adult homosexuals with underage boys.

New actions to completely ban Lammers' influence from education

That is why Gezin in Gevaar continues to fight. We are preparing new actions. For example, we will approach educational authorities to get Lammers' books out of the school libraries. We have already campaigned against Lammers' propaganda in the teaching method Squla . That prompted several school principals to scrap this method, they let us know. Lammers himself later complained on social media about schools canceling his performance. After the latest commotion, schools have even more reason to do so. However, their children are only safe when not a single word of pedophilia writer Pim Lammers is heard in the classrooms.


A principled, not a personal point of view

This article aims to defend marriage, family and morality according to Catholic teaching. In no way is it our intention to defame anyone. We simply exercise our freedom as children of God (Rom. 8:21), so that "every tongue should confess to the glory of God the Father that Jesus Christ is Lord." (Phil. 2:11).

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