On the doorstep of The Dutch Bank: "Klaas Knot, stop EU pension robbery!"

On the doorstep of The Dutch Bank: "Klaas Knot, stop EU pension robbery!"

Stop the EU pension robbery! More than 78,000 Dutch people already signed this urgent appeal to Klaas Knot, president of The Dutch Bank. Volunteers from Cultuur Onder Vuur, a campaign of the Dutch TFP, reinforced this message with a street campaign on the sidewalk of DNB (The Dutch Bank) on Friday, December 9.

Brussels wants to snatch from Dutch pension pot

The reason for the street campaign is the erosion of Dutch pensions by the European Union. It wants to grab the Dutch pension pot. 1,600 billion euros, neatly saved by Dutch pension savers, threatens to flow away via Brussels to France and Italy, where socialists spend money as if it were water. Experts like Pieter Omtzigt, Eduard Bomhoff and Lex Hoogduin - former DNB top executive! - warn against this. First and foremost, pensions are private property. Deferred private property admittedly, but simply property of the pension saver. The EU grab on our money is no less than theft.

Knot refuses to accept petition

Campaign leader Hugo Bos requested DNB to offer the petition to Klaas Knot before the street campaign. The bank president is the legal supervisor of Dutch pensions. It is entirely reasonable for him to be accountable to 78,000 Dutch citizens and millions of other concerned citizens. Unfortunately, Knot refused to come out of his castle. Cultuur Onder Vuur is considering other (creative) ways to still get the mountains of petitions to Knot's desk.