At the Aachen Pilgrimage: Appeal to the Church of Silence

At the Aachen Pilgrimage: Appeal to the Church of Silence

We are passing through one of the most terrible storms that the Mystical Bride of Christ has ever experienced in her history. The doctrinal confusion, whose terrible effects have been felt for half a century, affects dogma and morals. Moral heresies are propagated and imposed on the faithful.

Posted on the Vatican's official social networks, this illustration shows well the kind of Church that the promoters of the next Universal Synod want to create.

The German Synodal Way, closed on March 11, 2023, is perhaps the most typical example. The proposals, approved by a large majority of the bishops present, included liturgical blessings for homosexual "couples," adaptation of the Church to "gender" and "transgender" ideology, and the female priesthood, among others.

According to members of the more leftist wing, the German synod should serve as a model for the universal Church, especially in view of the World Synod on Synodality, scheduled for October 2023 and 2024 in the Vatican. The preparatory documents for this event are already beginning to arouse serious objections, because many of their propositions are diametrically opposed to the doctrine of Our Lord Jesus Christ and the divine constitution of the Church.

New Manifesto: How to persevere in the Catholic faith amidst the storms of 2023 - 2024 - Read the full version: [in English, click here | in German, click here | in French, click here | in Dutch, click here | in Portuguese, click here] *Other languages will be released soon.

During the Fifth Synodal Assembly, bishops, priests and activists celebrate the approval of the document on blessing ceremonies for homosexual couples

At the Aachen Pilgrimage: Appeal to the Church of Silence

The indignant reactions of the faithful and prelates throughout the world to the unfortunate developments in the German Synodal Way, and the fear of a similar situation in the upcoming Synod of Bishops, have prompted our volunteers to mobilize once again.

After having visited 80% of all parishes in Luxembourg, whose Card. Hollerich, is also the General Relator of the next Synod, the volunteers held another public rosary in front of the Aachen Cathedral and began a massive distribution on the occasion of the Aachen pilgrimage, which gathers hundreds of thousands of faithful every 7 years.

See some of the photos:

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