In Münster, 1000 crosses for life march

In Münster, 1000 crosses for life march

GERMANY - MÜNSTER - Volunteers from TFP Student Action Europe were present last Saturday, October 7, in Münster, Germany, for another edition of the traditional "1000 Kreuze für das Leben" (1000 Crosses for Life) march.

The march is part of an initiative by the German pro-life movement that has spread across the country and in dozens of different locations throughout the year to remind people of the importance of fighting for moral values.

A new generation of pro-family activists is forming in Germany and they are not afraid to proclaim the entire truth: The God-given right to life is non-negotiable.

The future belongs to those who have Faith and oppose the sin of abortion.

What is certain: Those who wish to destroy God's infants will end up in the dustbin of history because destruction is always short-lived and, well, self-abortive.

Now, more than ever, we must intensify our action, without seeking compromise or complacency. The road to new victories requires a new phase in the pro-life struggle that completely rejects all the devastating effects of the sexual revolution.