'After America, now Europe' - At the first abortion clinic in the Netherlands!

'After America, now Europe' - At the first abortion clinic in the Netherlands!

Starting on August 15, 2022, volunteers with TFP Student Action Europe packed into vans and hit the road to defend the unborn. Taking advantage of the ripples that the overturning of Roe v Wade caused worldwide, the TFP swept through cities in Germany, The Netherlands, and Belgium.

The message was clear: “Pray and act to end the sin of abortion.”

On Thursday, August 18, it was the turn of the first abortion clinic in the Netherlands. A sadly historic place in the murder of innocent unborn children.

Abortion no longer a national 'right'

The developments in America are very encouraging to the pro-life movement and an example to us. In June of this year, the Supreme Court ruled in the Dobbs vs Jackson Women's Health Organization case and reversed the 1973 Roe vs Wade ruling. With that, abortion was no longer a national "right" and was banned again immediately in many states because abortion laws were based on this Roe vs Wade ruling.

Abortion plummets

After that ruling, in the United States, 43 abortion centers in 11 states stopped performing abortions, a decrease of nearly 60%! With that, pro-life laws banning virtually all abortions are now in effect in a dozen states. In four other states, the murder of the unborn has been greatly restricted with newly introduced so-called heartbeat laws, which restrict abortion at about six weeks.

Even abortion camp admits our successes

But these developments in America, do they also have an effect here in Europe? That is why it is interesting what the Haarlems Dagblad wrote recently:

"This is really going too far" - First abortion clinic in the Netherlands

"According to Benschop (editorial: the director of the abortion center in Haarlem/Heemstede, referring to our campaign in an interview) and Van Straaten, the recent developments indicate once again that the public debate about abortion has not yet died down, even after 50 years. Not only in America, but everywhere. Conservative voices about women's right to self-determination continue to be heard loud and clear around the world, the two note.

"According to Benschop and Van Straaten, it is therefore going much too far to call the Netherlands a progressive country when it comes to abortion. ..... "Everywhere you see and hear more conservatism. The SGP, PVV and Forum fortunately do not have the biggest voice, but the March for Life also started small and we see more and more people walking along in it."

March for Life is on the rise

It is very nice that even the abortion camp recognizes that conservative voices are loud and clear all over the world. And indeed, you see and hear more and more conservatism, and the March for Life has grown to as many as 14,000 participants (less in Corona times, of course).

Abortion director calls TFP demonstration 'low point'

The newspaper therefore calls the demonstration by TFP Student Action along with Stirezo "another step in the Americanization of anti-abortion actions." Bloemenhove director Rob Benschop called the demonstration an "absolute low point" in the more than 50 years that the clinic on the border of Haarlem and Heemstede has existed.

The pro-life success is not just American

True, many pro-lifers have learned from pro-lifers from America and are creating actions that work and shift public opinion. But it is not just an American phenomenon. Poland recently passed a new pro-life law, after which the number of abortions dropped by as much as 90%.

Benschop: "But when a group makes that much noise, they make an impression even from a kilometer away. What we saw Thursday morning is beyond all limits. If this is not intimidation, I don't know."

"I feel that demonstrations are hardening and that these clubs are professionalizing. We've had so much craziness from delusional types on our doorstep over the years. It seems we'll never get rid of those people."

Pro-life clubs professionalizing

Thanks again for the compliment that, as pro-lifers, we impress even a mile away. And thank you also for the compliment that we are professionalizing as pro-life clubs. And not only this director of an abortion center recognizes the effectiveness of pro-lifers. It is also evident, for example, in this reaction on social media following our street campaigns this summer:

God's commandments do not change

We are indeed trying to do that, professional campaigning, and we are not going to stop until abortion is completely gone from the Netherlands. God's commandments are not going to change: what was murder a hundred years ago is still murder today and will still be murder a hundred years from now.

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